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special announcement






Esteemed customers, We recently find a website called CDFS unlawfully using the layout, product images, and other business information from our website, especially its logo "CDFS"looks quite similar to our logo"GDFS",so that some consumers misjudge it as our company’s website and therefore are deceived to suffer the property loss. In order to protect the interests of the masses of the customers, we solemnly remind you that GDFS official website and GDFS experience stores are the only two designated sales channels of GDFS, and we never authorize any other website or institutions to conduct promotion and business transactions in the name of our company.

Please carefully check the website address to be ware of being cheated by fake websites and to protect your own interests. If you find any suspicious website, please advise us by email or call our customer service, we will do our best to protect the interests of GDFS members and consumers. For any companies or individuals who illegally counterfeit our company website, we reserve the right to ascertain his (their) legal responsibilities.

Thanks for your cooperation and understanding!